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The NSX, where all the naughty scouts go when they grow up!

The begining of something great.

Greetings everyone. This is the home of the NSE. We will continue to expand on this as we develop more materials but eventually we will have a full manual worth of stuff! If you were given the link to go here, then you probably already know what we are about. For those who found this through what ever weird method you did, check the "Who We Are" section for a quick explanation on what this site is actually about!

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Update on 22 April 2013

Sorry about slacking on this side, I've been uploading all the individual badges on the facebook page and will do so on here as well. Also created a PDF of the handbook that anyone can download and print out for their own adventures. I will continue to pass them out at all the conventions that I go to.


Get your own copy of the handbook at:

Thanks for all the support!

Members are growing and I'm even starting to get a big list in the forums! Thanks for all your help. Remember word-of-mouth is the best way to get people to see this site. Tell all your friends!!

Update on 28 Jan 2011

Whew! it is lots of work keeping up a facebook site, web site, and trying to develop a phone app at the same time! Thank you for all the support!

Update on 30 Nov 2010

Well, got the facebook site updated with the badges. Don't forget to look for it and like the "NSE - For the Bad Scouts


Also we are looking for anyone good at app designing so that we can turn the badges into a digital app for ease of collecting! If you are interested please contact "The Scout Master" thanks!

update on 4 March 2010


I've added on descriptions to all the badges, and a handy dandy checklist thats located in the photo gallery!

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas to make to the site or the system, please let me know in the forums.

Thanks for visiting.

-The Scout Master

Update on 6 April 2010

Added mini jpg's of each badge so everyone can start collecting the ones they have.  I'm still working on making the site easier to manuver and understand so if anyone has any suggestions, give me a quick shout out in the forums!

The Race to 10 Members is on!!!


Alright, now the biggest hurdle that we face is the race to 10 members. Anyone who has ever done sites knows that if you cannot get to 10, its time to throw the towel in. So tell your friends, pass on the info, all of you make this great and we can make it even greater!